Goldshore CBD offers pure and authentic cannabidiol. Our oil formula is perfected to maximize medicine, without any additives. Here’s how we got started: Most marijuana advocates grew or distributed their product with maximum THC. In fact, most growers are specifically minimizing CBD content, as CBD acts as a natural counter to THC. The THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is what gives the psychoactive ‘high’ in users. The Cannabidiol (CBD) used to be a mystery to marijuana enthusiasts, as it didn’t produce any intoxicating properties. This minimum CBD strategy gave their high THC product as stronger intoxicant for the same price.

As more research comes out, it turns out CBD is what counters the THC induced anxiety and has a variety of medical benefits. When scientists say that marijuana oil can help with Alzeimers or Seizures or Cancer or Pain, it seemed confusing as to why a THC plant would have so many medical benefits. The reality is that it’s the CBD portion of marijuana that acts as a medicine with those health benefits. Numerous publications from cancer.gov, American Epilepsy Society, Forbes, and The Washington Post show the variety of relief users get from intake of Cannabidiol.

Our Mission

Help Safely. This is our mission statement. As the side effects for pharmaceuticals keep growing, so does research for the benefits of CBD. If our product helps even one person who’s open, we’ve succeeded in our goal to help people. We’re not claiming CBD is a miracle cure that will help all of our issues; rather, it’s a tool to help in your journey to healing in a natural and therapeutic way.

As everyone was trying to maximum their THC, while removing the CBD, for a greater high we decided to take the opposite approach. Our products contain high levels of CBD, while removing the THC. Plants high in CBD (while low in THC) look and smell like normal marijuana, but have no psychoactive effects.

Legally CBD can be sold in all 50 states as long as THC content is below .3%. There’s little risk of side effects and no overdose potential. View our products, and see what intake method you prefer. Whether it’s under the tongue, capsules, vaping, or candy the CBD will happily be absorbed. We recommend starting with a lower dose and working your way up. Good luck and remember to take your CBD!


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