Anxiety Treated with CBD. Is Cannabidol Effective as an Anxiolytic?

Cannabinol Neurons CBD Anxiety

Does CBD help with Anxiety?

40 million adults, or 18% of the total population, are affected by anxiety disorders in the United States. The cost of treating anxiety is a staggering 42 billion dollars every year, with many sufferers who simply ignore their issues. We’ve all heard the labels: Social anxiety, general anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, OCD, PTSD. The reality is that there is no one reason for this condition, as brain chemistry, genetic factors, and life experiences can all contribute.

Many who look to tackle their issues directly turn to medications, either prescription or natural. The two most common pharmaceuticals are anti-depressants and benzodiazepines. Xanax, Ativan, Valium, and Klonopin have a high potential for addiction; why not try a safer and cheaper alternative? As a result, a high number of patients are moving towards natural solutions, with CBD as a top contender to help dial with anxiety issues. In fact, modern research shows that Cannabidol even acts as a counter to deal with panic induced by the THC high. When scientists are releasing research that some chemicals in marijuana act as a natural medicine to help with anxiety, it seems illogical for most people. But it’s the CBD aspect of marijuana that helps calm the body, as it’s a bit of an ‘anti THC’ to counter the psychoactive

How Does CBD Treat Anxiety?

Cannabidiol activates with the natural receptors in our brain, such as the 5HT1-A and CB1/2 receptors. The Endocannabinoid system is an essential role in our mood, inflammation, and pain levels. Activation of the receptors help with anxiety and relaxation, without many of the potential side effects of other medications; specifically the agonist properties of 5HT1-A (found within CBD) stimulates the serotonin receptor, giving it anxiolytic effects.

Cannabinol Neurons CBD Anxiety

What does CBD do to Ease Tension?

Most users say it’s a calming sensation in the body, with a relaxation of the mind. Because THC gives the psychoactive ‘high’ marijuana, think of CBD as almost the polar alternative. Users report a clear mind, body relaxation, and a general calming feeling. It’s like lavender and chamomile maximum strength! For those suffering with anxious thoughts, CBD is tool to help their journey in healing.


Treatment and Dosage

For those dealing with anxiety, a combination of treatment is generally most effective: Therapy, breathing exercises, and medication all work together to calm your body and mind. When choosing prescription medications, some take the SSRI or benzodiazepine route; anyone interested in trying a more holistic route, have fun seeing what CBD dose works for you. There is no overdose potential, but it’s best off to start with a lower dose. 5 to 15 mg a day of CBD is a good dosage to start!



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