CBD Cannabis Can Help Fight Cancer?

cbd cells

CBD Cannabis Can Help Fight Cancer?

It all started back in 1974. The National Cancer Institute did a lab study on mice, seeing if cannabis show any promise of treatment. The mice, after 20 days of consecutive treatment, had reduced primary tumor size.

Dr Sean McAllister, in 2007, studied how CBD may interact with breast cancer cells. A respected scientist at Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, he concluded that cannabidol may kill breast cancer cells by shutting off the gene ID-1; when this gene becomes reactivated, it often results in malicious cells to invade. This breakthrough study gives evidence for promising cannabis treatment for the future.

The most important job of CBD in this case is to change and rattle the endoplasmic reticulum by altering the metabolism of calcium. Doing so forces calcium into the cytosol, which ends up in cell removal. It’s possible that a mix of both cannabidol with the other compounds (i.e.: CBD, THC) might be also effective in removing carcinogenic cell growth.

CBD May Relieve Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cancer.gov has released extensive data on how marijuana can help fight cancer, even indirectly. Primarily, the advantage of cannabis lies in its possible antitumor and cell growth activity. But in addition, cannabidol may help counter some of the nasty side effects of treating cancer. Many studies show that cannabis can help with nausea and appetite with chemotherapy. Cannabinoids can help in pain relief, anti-flammatory, and nerve problems. Finally, the anti-anxiety effects in CBD can help patients with sleep as a possible anxiolytic.

In addition, side effects from cannabis tend to be mild. Data shows that possible side effects are often muscle relaxation, bloodshot eyes, and increased appetite.  Because of the serious negative side effects of cancer and chemotherapy, CBD and marijuana can help. Many large pharmaceutical companies have created ‘synthetic’ cannabis products to counter chemo, but they are often more expensive with side effects of their own. To battle nausea, pain, and inflammation we recommend 15mg a day of CBD starting to see if there’s any relief from side effects.


cbd cells

Closing Thoughts

Discontinuation of your current treatments is not recommended, but it may be worth considering cannabis and/or CBD in addition to your current path of healing. We recommend you consider cannabis to help in the journey of fighting cancer. With CBD being low cost and legal to buy online in 50 states, consider cannabidol in treating or helping with carcinogenic cells. With growing consensus in medical communities for the benefits of CBD and cannabis, why not try for a month?


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