CBD Dosage – Taking the Correct Amount | GoldShore CBD

Dosage for CBD

CBD Dosage – Taking the Correct Amount | GoldShore CBD

Any natural product or medicine takes some adjustments to find your perfect dose. Every body is different, as gender, height, weight, and metabolism all factor into the correct dosage that will be effective for you. As expected, it’s generally better to begin with a lower quantity and work your way up.

The Right Quantity for your Issues

The issue you want to treat will factor in as well. Those looking for to treat mild pain should consider a lower dose than those who suffer from insomnia. We’ve established a general guideline for appropriate starting daily amounts here:

  • General Well-Being: 5-10 mg

  • Sleeping Issues: 40 mg 

  • Schizophrenia: 100 mg

  • Glaucoma: 20-40 mg

  • Chronic pain: 10-15 mg 

Determining Your Dose

Understanding how dosage in CBD works is important too. There’s many ways to ingest CBD, so there’s not a one size fits all solution. In general, the mg amount is the guideline to measure how much CBD is going into your body. For the oils, it’s best to do some simple math to determine how much CBD in each milliliter. If you receive 100mg bottle, and it’s 30ML, there’s about 3.3 MG of CBD in each milliliter. Another example is if you purchase 1000mg bottle and it’s also 30ML; that would be 33 MG of CBD in every milliliter. Whether you take it under the tongue, vape it, or cook with it you can estimate each dosage of CBD with this math formula. Keep in mind that other products, such as capsules or candy, have the CBD dosage right on the cover.


Dosage for CBD

How Often to Take CBD

The strategy of how often to take CBD is up to you. Some patients take CBD once a day, while others take as needed. Many users recommend the thrice a day method: one in the morning, once at lunch, and once at evening. Other good news is that there’s no overdose potential for CBD, so if you accidentally take too much there’s not a high risk. The FDA requires us to state that CBD is a food type product, so we’re not inclined to give specific medical advice on this or claim that it treats any condition; always remember to consult with your medical professional.

Have fun in seeing which dosage works for you! In addition, trying various intake methods can be an effective strategy. Person A might enjoy tinctures under the tongue, while person B sees most benefit vaping CBD oil, while person C prefers to consume gummy candy. GoldShoreCBD asks that you start with a low dose, work your way up, and begin your journey in well-being!





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