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CBD for Seizures and Epilepsy | GoldShore CBD

The Touching Story of Charlotte Figi

As a 5 year old girl, Charlotte Figi was having over 300 seizures a week. The Figi family tried diets, acupuncture, and dozens of prescription drugs. During her worst episodes, she wouldn’t talk or move; the doctors eventually recommended a powerful drug used on dogs or to put her into a medically induced coma. The father learned about CBD oil, but the mother was reluctant. But after trying dozens of powerful pharmaceutical drugs, the parents were willing to try anything. Charlotte Figi took CBD oil under the tongue, administered by her mother. A couple hours went by without a seizure. Then several hours passed. Then the entire night passed without one seizure. Instead of her 2 seizures an hour, the entire day went by without one incident. Charlotte went from having 300 seizures a week, to just one a week with CBD oil. Instead of a feeding tube in a catatonic state, Charlotte was eating on her own and riding bikes.

Convulsions and Seizures helped with CBD

Medical and Scientific Studies

The cannabinol, or CBD, aspect of marijuana (not the THC) is what scientists say helps reduce epileptic activity. Numerous organizations such as The American Epilepsy Society, The Washington Post, Forbes, Fox News,  and The Los Angeles Times are coming out with stories how cannabinol is helping Americans lower their rate of seizures. Washington Post reports that New York University neurologist Orrin Devinsky found CBD oil adminstration lowered convulsions 39% compared with prescription medication alone.

In February 2014, 74 epileptic patients participated in a CBD study. For 10 months, patients were given CBD oil of up to 20 mg per dose. The results yielded a significantly positive result for seizure reduction; exactly 90% saw a reduction of seizure activity. The study also showed improvement in alertness, behavior, and sleep. In another study released by the American Epileptic Society, 47% of a staggering 261 CBD patients saw at least a 50% reduction in seizures.

CBD for Treating Seizures in Your Life

While THC is famous for mind-altering properties, CBD has no psychoactive aspects and no potential in overdosing. CBD binds to receptors in the brain and lowers the electric activity. As a result, those who want a reduction in epileptic activity, without the high of marijuana are choosing CBD oil to reduce convulsing. A key component to CBD for convulsions is finding the right dose. We recommend starting with a lower dose and working your way up. Sublingual tinctures, vaping, capsules, and edibles are all intake methods that can be effective in seizure reduction. With growing evidence for cannabinol in seizure reduction, with little side effects, consider CBD as a medication for epilepsy and seizures.






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