Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Goldshore CBD? What do you do?

GoldShore CBD focuses on distributing the purest and highest quality product to our users. We sell pure cannabidiol, a variety of dosages and forms, to meet your needs. Our mission statement is ‘Help Safely.’ We want to provide you with healthy relief, without side effects of expensive medication.

2. What is CBD oil?

A mixture of hemp oil and hemp extract, concentrated for a pure product. CO2 extraction removes the CBD from the cannabis plant, which is then concentrated into a oil or powder. Our products are made from non-gmo, quality hemp. It is grown outdoors under prime conditions with growers who specialize in maximizing the medicinal (CBD) aspect of cannabis.

3. Is CBD Marijuana?

Marijuana is famous for the THC high. If you consume only CBD, you will not get intoxicated and nothing would ever show up on a drug test. CBD is just one property of cannabis, but without THC there is no ‘high’ and it’s safe.

4. What Makes up CBD?

Cannabinoids are all of the compounds produced by marijuana and there are at least 113 cannabinoids in marijuana. Marijuana is infamous for THC, which gives you that buzz. CBD is the other primary compound in marijuana, that has no high and is safe for general use.

5. How does CBD Work in the Brain? What’s the Endocannabinoid system (ECS)?

The ECS is a cluster of cannabinoid receptors in the brain of every mammal. CB1 and CB2 are the primary receptors in yours central nervous system. While data and research is still coming out, CBD minimizes the activation of CB1 by THC, reducing its psychoactive effects. By triggering the adenosine receptors via CBD, your body responds with anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. Two neurotransmitters, Glutamate and Dopamine, are also released with enough CBD intake.

6. Benefits of CBD?

Research shows that it may help with anxiety, pain, seizures, cancer cell growth, and more. Our take is that it’s best to try CBD for your issues, or general well-being, and see if it helps you.

7. Will I get High?

No. THC is the psychoactive property in cannabis. CBD, in fact, is often a counter to the anxiety in THC. Think of THC of the high, while CBD is the medicine.

8. Is CBD legal? Will You Ship to my State?

In all 50 states it’s legal as long as the THC percentage is less than .3%. All of our products meet that requirement, so have no worries in any purchases with us! We ship to all 50 states!

9. Best Method of Intake?

Like THC, there’s no one-size solution on how to take your CBD. Many users take CBD oil as a sublingual, because it’s quick and efficient. Vaping is often the strongest, but some users don’t like the vapor in their lungs. Finally, many users find eating CBD to be effective; capsules and candy are two common ways to ingest it.

10. How do I take it Under the Tongue?

Take the oil in dropper, and squeeze under your tongue. Let it sit for about 45 seconds, and feel free to ingest any remaining oil.

11. How long does until the CBD works?

In general, 25 minutes is a standard time frame for CBD to start being processed by the body. Vaping CBD will take effect faster than eating it, so method of intake factors in too.

12. Does CBD Cause any Side Effects? Overdose potential?

Because CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive influence, it’s generally considered to be very safe; there is no overdose potential with any marijuana, including CBD. Always consult with your physician for any concrete medical advice on any dietary supplement.

13. What does CBD Feel Like?

Because it’s different than THC, the ‘feeling’ of CBD isn’t the same. Some users report relaxation or a good feeling in their body.

14. Is CBD Safe for Children?

Generally speaking, yes. In fact, CBD became widespread after a CNN story of a young girl went viral. Charlotte Figi had her seizure condition greatly improved with CBD oil. In fact, many pets are administered CBD oil for general well-being! Consult with your physician for any medical advice on any dietary supplement.

15. How Much CBD Should I Take? Serving Size?

There’s no standard dosage, as with many natural oils, but we recommend starting with a lower dose at first. 20 mg a day is a standard metric for most users. Some users do it once a day, and some just as needed; we find that the 3x a day method (once at breakfast, lunch, and nighttime) is popular.


CBD plants contain little THC, meaning there’s no psychoactive properties.