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cbd drug test

Will CBD Show Up on a Drug Test?

A common practice of employers is to drug test prior to employment. Each employer has their own set of rules and substances to test for, but THC is a common compound. THC is the psychoactive aspect of cannabis, but it’s only one of the compounds.

Another primary compound of marijuana is cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD. This is a non-psychoactive property, but with various medical benefits. So the question remains, will CBD oil show up on a drug test?

There is no ‘cannabis’ drug test, as THC is the chemical that will show up positive on drug tests. Standard urine tests will show THC if it’s in the body of the user, often up to several weeks after use. Typical thresholds for THC tests are 50ng/ml, which would excrete out from the kidneys.

How Much THC is in CBD Products

GoldShore’s CBD is extracted from high end hemp, and contains less than .3% THC (making it legal to sell across the United States). Because there’s little to no THC, a false positive is very unlikely. Generally speaking, taking a hemp dose extract of under 1% THC won’t show up for a positive result.

A recent study, administered by Leson and Colleagues, looked at 15 subjects who had no THC in their system. Over a 10 day period, the patients were giving small daily THC doses via an oil matrix. After the testing period, the 15 subjects were screened for cannabinoids; the results showed that NO subjects tested positive for THC at the standard 50ng/ml cutoff. Another case analyzed 4,381 urine specimens who were administered various doses of THC. After 70 days, the data showed that it is unlikely to falsely test positive at these low THC doses.

cbd drug test

CBD Unlikely To Show Up for THC on Drug Tests

As a result, one can safely assume that consuming 200mg a day of CBD hemp oil will unlikely lead to a false positive for THC in a standard urine test. 200mg a day is a very strong dose, so most users will take less than this (making it even less likely to test positive for THC; for how much CBD to consume, refer to our dosage article to find your appropriate starting amount. As always, for any specifics for legal or medical advice consult with a professional.; there are no guarentees and false positives can happen under a variety of circumstances.

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